Vicky Fox
Product Design Lead


Tel: +44 (0)790 345 9906

" I am grateful to cross paths with Vicky during her time at On Deck. Seeing her thought process, curiosity, and empathy (both for the people around and the user) was inspiring.

During a year and a half, I see her grow and successfully transition from the IC role to Management. She managed and mentored me and has contributed significantly to my growth as a product designer by asking me hard questions, providing guidance, and encouraging me out of my comfort zone. "

— Yanel Bottini, Lead Product Designer at On Deck

" I loved working with Vicky. Aside from the obvious amazing designs she produced, I have so much respect for her thought process and her ability to ask the right questions up front (the type of questions you think to yourself "that's such a good question, why can't I think of those"). Its those questions that ensures she knows exactly the problem she is looking to solve and ultimately, why Vicky comes up with such amazing designs. Did I mention how she also is a big fan of data to validate hypotheses or to backup her designs? "

— Adam Francis, Head of Mobile at Bloom & Wild

" As a front end developer she is a dream to work with, keen to do things to a high quality level, but is adaptable and compromises when needed. A delightful teammate to have - works with care, pride, innovation and user focus. "

— Mag Leahy, Freelance Angular Developer

" Vicky’s an experienced and talented designer, working across the spectrum of UX, UI and product design. The Bloom & Wild digital experience (website, apps, and emails) are a testimony to her skills and work over the past couple of years. Highly recommended. "

— Sharon Kean, Product Director at Bloom & Wild

On Deck |  Lead Product Designer  |  2021-2022

Parla |  Product Design Lead  |  2019-2020

Numan |  Product Design Lead  |  2019

Rainmaking  |  Product Design Lead  |  2018

Attest  |  Product Design Lead  |  2018

Bloom & Wild  |  Product Design Lead  |  2016-2018

MR PORTER  |  Lead Interaction Designer  |  2015-2016

Lyle & Scott  |  UI / UX Designer  |  2014-2014

ASOS  |  UI Designer  |  2013-2014

Tigerspike  |  UI Designer  |  2011-2013

Tel: +44 (0)790 345 9906